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MBA Resume Writing

An MBA resume shows that you are extra ordinary. You have special competencies and skills which are above the standard. Ordinary resumes target standard audience while MBA resumes mostly target big companies.  Achieving an MBA is a great step. You do not want to bury your best achievement under the covers. Hidden beauty is not… Read More »

Resume writing ideas

Every form of marketing needs some ideas. These ideas from different people complete a marketing tool-kit. A resume markets you and determines how far or close you are to acquiring a job. No man is an island you need to learn others. Your lousy resume might be the reason you are still jobless. One copy… Read More »

Marketing Resume Writing

If you want to pursue a sales and marketing career, you need to convince your potential employers that you have all it takes to make great sales. To sell ice to Eskimos as they say. You have to know how to advertise and sell yourself first before selling any product. A sales and marketing career… Read More »

Finance Resume Writing

Working in the banking sector is a dream for many people. Since we were young we were always being inspired to work hard in school and acquire prestigious jobs. Everybody I know is proud to announce to the world that he works in the bank. Banking calls for an individual with great analyzing skills. When… Read More »

Resume Writing Services

Resume writing services are meant to help individuals who need a complete resume makeover to help them get a job.  Before you pick one resume writing firm you should extensively go through most top resume writing services you know to decide on the best. There are many websites that can give you the advice you… Read More »