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Online Reputation SEO Manager Resume Format

Online Reputation Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Managers are responsible for organization and management of resources, both internal and with clients, to ensure that required resources are delivered to complete SEO projects and campaigns. They have the overall responsibility for the successful planning and execution of search engine optimization campaigns and they possess a combination of… Read More »

Systems Analyst Resume Format

Systems analysts are involved in designing or restructuring the computer system of a company.  They ensure that the operations and transactions work efficiently and accurately and can be accessed by individuals in different departments at the same time.  They analyze whether the existing operational systems being used by the company is efficient and free of… Read More »

Web Developer or Programmer Resume Format

A Web Developer is responsible for creation and design of clients’ website and webpage according to their specifications with strong functionality and optimisation. They design and develop relational systems and its web interfaces integrating the SQL Server database into the company’s website. They create graphics, animation, colour, designs, logos and functionality to the web page… Read More »

IT Security Manager Resume Format

Information Technology (IT) Security Mangers are responsible for overseeing the operation of the company’s security solutions through management of security analysts and establishing the company’s security stance through policy, training and architectural processes which include the selection of appropriate security solutions and oversight of any vulnerability audits and assessments. They are expected to work with… Read More »

IT Manager Resume Format

Information Technology (IT) Mangers handle the different departments in the department such as Networking, Telephony, Training and Lab Maintenance, Internal Systems, Help Desk Administration and Asset Management. They assist in the planning and implementation of additions, deletion and major modifications to the supporting regional infrastructure of the company. They also manage and develop upgrade to… Read More »