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Tennis Coach Resume Format

Tennis coaches are the source of knowledge and inspiration of tennis athletes.  They are responsible for creating the training regimen of the athletes which includes skill enhancement, physical endurance development, discipline and sportsmanship.  Tennis coaches may be employed as personal trainers, university coaches or team coaches.  They must possess deep knowledge and understanding of the… Read More »

Hand Ball Coach Resume Format

Hand Ball Coaches usually work for high schools, colleges or universities.  They serve as the main source of skills and knowledge in the handball sport for student athletes.  They develop a training program for the athletes and work in partnership with the departments or colleges to ensure that these are in line with the policies… Read More »

College Sports Coordinator Resume Format

College Sports Coordinators act as the channel for all sports and athletic activities in a college of a university.  They ensure that all of these activities are smoothly implemented by taking into account the funding, application for legal documents and its approval, availability of facilities and equipment, as well as scheduling.  College sports coordinators do… Read More »

University Sports Instructor Resume Format

University Sports Instructors are educated individuals who are experts in the rules and fundamentals of a particular sport.  They are knowledgeable in the principles and techniques of the sport and their main task is to impart this knowledge to university students.  They explain the sport and demonstrate the necessary skills to execute it.  Their main… Read More »

Sports Director Resume Format

Sports Directors work for the media, usually for television or radio stations.  They are in charge of covering sports events and creating programs for sports to be aired.  To be successful in this job, sports directors must possess excellent knowledge of the sports and athlete industry.  They must be aware of the sports teams playing… Read More »