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Golf Course Technician Resume Format

Golf Course Technicians are highly responsible for the general maintenance of the golf course.  They are generally seen working outdoors following orders of a supervisor and they usually work as a team.  They handle the cleanliness of the surroundings by picking up trash, cleaning sewages and clearing dead leaves and plants. They preserve the landscape… Read More »

Ski And Snowboard Instructor Resume Format

Ski And Snowboard Instructors teach duties and techniques to improve their skiing and snowboarding skills.  As part of a unique industry in snowy mountains, they are also concerned with the safety and security of guests in their area.  They give sports clinics to guests and sports enthusiasts from different ages and with different levels of… Read More »

Physiotherapist Resume Format

Physiotherapists are medically equipped individuals who treat patients with physical difficulties and disabilities caused by illness, injury, disability or ageing.  They work with patients to help improve their health and heal their disabilities particularly those that are neuromuscular, musculoskeletal and, cardiovascular systems.  As physiotherapists, they assess the physical conditions of the patients, create treatment programs… Read More »

Coach Resume Format

Coaches are function as managers, planners and mentors of sport programs in a company, group or organization.  They organize and conduct athletic programs and activities to achieve the target goals of the sport team or athlete.  As coaches, they serve as the main source of sport skills and techniques and at the same time, become… Read More »

Sports Agent Resume Format

Sports Agents act as the representative of athletes in business transactions and other contract-signing activities.  They negotiate with partners, sponsors and endorsement companies so that the athlete gets the best deal taking into consideration the athlete’s best interests.  Sports Agents are experts in the sport field where their athlete is involved in and ensure that… Read More »