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Computer Science Student Resume Format

Computer Science Student has great ability to work under pressure and handle multitude of tasks with minimum supervision. They have a strong background on computer hardware and software. Particularly, they are proficient in basic user software such as MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Access and Outlook. They also have strong fundamentals and knowledge with operating… Read More »

Electronic Engineer Student Resume Format

Electronic Engineer student deploys their learned abilities and skills in developing hardware and software to facilitate better technical operation of a given company. They are responsible in helping and providing support to various technical operations and developments. They have strong communication and interpersonal skills that they use to communicate with customers and help management in… Read More »

Law Student Resume Format

Law Student has strong grasp of international and particular in local laws. They are expert in various court proceedings and are knowledgeable with the wide array of administrative and criminal aspects of the judicial process. They are resourceful in their efforts of assisting legal officers in trial preparation. They can write motions, responses, client advice… Read More »

Student Internship Resume Format

Student Intern applicants has great volunteer experience in the past that honed their skills in establishing networks that they may use in looking for internship opportunities. They have excellent ability to establish relationships with professionals and customers. They have developed strong communication, interpersonal and writing skills. They are naturally proficient with computer application software such… Read More »

Finance Student Resume Format

Finance Student are dynamic and result oriented individuals who utilize their analytical skills and experience to contribute to a given organization’s growth and objectives. They possess strong customer service, communication and interpersonal skills. They are typically excellent market researcher and capable of working in diverse work environment. They are detail oriented, flexible and adaptable and… Read More »