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Networking Engineer Student Resume Format

The main job responsibility of a Network Engineer is to install the related software and hardware on the computer. His job responsibility includes the proper connection of the switches, hubs, installation of windows and other peripheral devices. His responsibility includes the maintenance of server and other computer system. Sometimes his responsibility becomes to supervise the… Read More »

Accounting Student Resume Format

This resume can be used as a guide to students seeking employment in the accounting field. Applicants need to outline their specific skills that will persuade the employer to read their application and create a positive mark in their minds. Due to experience limitations applicants need to indicate their key achievements related to the job… Read More »

Engineering student resume Format

This resume can be used to guide engineering students or persons seeking to jobs in the field of engineering. Applicants willing to work in this field may work as chemical engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineer resume, plastics engineer resume and other engineering branches as well. A good sample engineering student resume must have a strong… Read More »

College student resume Format

A college student resume can be used as a guide to students applying for employment. A good college student resume outlines applicant’s professional experience and specific skills that qualify them for the jobs. Their limited professional experience is compensated for by academic achievements. Applicants express reasons for applying for particular jobs and organizations. This sample… Read More »

High School Student Resume Format

This type of resume can be used to guide students who are high school or have just completed high school in seeking jobs. Since they lack professional experience, they must list their academic achievements and skills such as leadership in order to persuade the potential employer that they have the qualities he/she is looking for.… Read More »