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Teacher Resume

A teacher resume format is one through which an applicant who wants to be a teacher applies in an educational institution. This kind of a resume is made by people who have certain expertise or knowledge which makes them able enough to apply for a teaching job. The various kinds of teacher resume format are… Read More »

School Superintendent Resume Format

The post school superintendent is as an executive post and is the highest one within any school or group of schools. His responsibility is to take appropriate and beneficial decisions for the school, so that it may help school in earning name and popularity. He is responsible for checking out the new rules and regulation… Read More »

Physical Education Teacher Resume Format

The major responsibility of a physical education teacher is to guide and direct students with several games and their predefined rules. He is responsible for directing the students with the best possible ways and exercises in maintaining their physique. His responsibility is to take regular class and lectures of students in order to give them… Read More »

Nanny Teacher Resume Format

The responsibility of nanny is to help children’s in their day to day activities.  He is responsible for performing activities such as helping children in completing his home work, helping in playing indoor and outdoor games and performing other activities too. He is responsible for taking students to the school and then taking them back… Read More »

IT Lecturer Resume Format

The responsibility of IT lecturer is to plan and develop the strategies that may help organization in its growth and development. His responsibility is to teach students with the new and updated software’s. With the change in technology, different software’s are introduced in market and all this comes under the responsibility of IT lecturer to… Read More »