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Dance Teacher Resume Format

There are several responsibilities of dance teacher, one of the major one is that they are responsible for teaching students of different age groups with the best dance steps. He is responsible for teaching them the free style of dancing. His responsibility is to teach students the ways with the help of which they can… Read More »

Teacher for the Deaf/Sign Language Teacher Resume Format

Thanks to the thorough development of sign languages, people with impaired hearing and speech can lead normal lives and succeed in their chosen careers.  And thanks must go to certified Teachers for the Deaf or Sign Language Teachers, who have the patience and diligence to teach them sign language. Teacher for the Deaf/Sign Language Teacher… Read More »

Art History Professor Resume Format

Art galleries and museums displaying classical artworks owe their authenticities to Art Historians who are trained to analyze and authenticate genuine works of the ages. They harness technical disciplines that can analyze and date old artworks which sometimes turn out to be valuable historic artifacts.  They work as professors in the academe along with their… Read More »

Early Childhood Educator Resume Format

Using teaching programs centered on learning-through-play theories, Early Childhood Educators are trained to educate children between the ages of 18 months and about five years to prepare them for grade school learning. They also conduct out-of-school teaching for kids in nurseries, daycares, recreation centers and kindergarten classrooms, as well as tutor kids on a one-on-one… Read More »

Stage and Film Acting Teacher/Coach Resume Format

Raw acting talent is good but not good enough in a highly competitive world of film and studio acting.  But it helps, especially if you are telegenic or projects a strong stage presence.  This is where the a competent State and Film Acting Teacher or Coach completes your acting prowess and opens the door to… Read More »