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Technical Resume

A person who has the required knowledge and skills to get into the technical department of a company or an organization is eligible to frame a technical resume. A technical resume format is one which gives the necessary details of the applicant’s qualifications which make him suitable for the given profile of work. A technical… Read More »

Electronic Equipment Repairer Resume Format

The prime job responsibility of an Electronic Equipment Repairer is to diagnose the system to find out the fault easily and effectively. His responsibility is to repair the effected part and to test it completely that it is not having any other issue. His responsibility is to assemble the systems and to test them before… Read More »

Network Engineer Student Resume Format

The main responsibility of the Network Engineer is to install the related software and hardware on the computer system. His responsibility includes the correct connection with the switches, hubs, set up of windows and other peripheral gadgets. His obligation includes the upkeep of server as well as other computer system. From time to time his… Read More »

Technical Instructor Resume Format

The main job responsibility of a technical instructor is to instruct his team regarding the work which has assigned to them. His responsibility includes the preparation of the documents of the project and to assign various parts of the project to his team. His responsibility is to assist each and every employee of his team… Read More »

Technical Support Specialist Resume Format

The prime job responsibility of a technical support specialist is to properly listen and understand the problem of the client. After listening it he has to provide the appropriate solution for the customer’s query and to solve out his problem effectively in a small amount of time. His responsibility is to prepare a proper report… Read More »