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Technical Training Manager Resume Format

The prime obligation of the technical training manager is to handle the overall workflow of the training. His duty includes the preparation of overall expenditure on any specific task and to handle management trainee assigned to that specific project. His obligation is to develop such type of technique for his organization which can quickly enhance… Read More »

Piano Technician Resume Format

The grand or upright piano can lose its tuning and deteriorate in performance over time and here is where the Piano Technician comes in.  Often employed in music stores or concert halls, the piano technician provides tuning, mechanism rebuilding and body repair services to restore an upright or grand piano to its peak performance.  They… Read More »

Pipe Organ Technician Resume Format

Those giant pipe organs in cathedrals have been manufactured and installed by seasoned pipe organ builders who have had a tradition building these instruments.  They employ a team of Pipe Organ Technicians who specialize in either flue or reed pipe technology for installing the right size pipe organs of the allocated space. There are just… Read More »

Band Instrument Technician Resume Format

Musical instruments we love to hear in big bands and parade bands typically consist of brass, reed, wind, and percussion instruments.  They can be damaged or wear out over time but  they can be restored by Band Instrument Technicians who can tune, repair, replace parts and smooth out body dents. You find them mostly in… Read More »

Quality Control Technician Resume Format

At the forefront of the quality crusade in any manufacturing business is a team of Quality Assurance experts that ensure compliance to established quality performance metrics using statistical data monitoring.  Along with the QA Inspector who gives the seal of approval for work done in accordance with QA standards, there’s the team of Quality Control … Read More »