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Broadcast Technician Resume Format

The Broadcast Technician employed in TV and radio stations are licensed to operate, install and maintain fixed and mobile radio transmitting systems that allow these broadcast stations to air, use satellite uplink or go through cable TV.  They can work independently or under supervision by licensed radio or electronic communications engineers.  Some are also involved… Read More »

Technical Illustrators Resume Format

Using CAD/CAM PC workstations, the Technical Illustrator generates 2D and 3D technical drawings of complex electro-mechanical parts for use as reference in engineering and technical works in any industry. Technical illustrators also harness animation tools to illustrate not only the “what” but also the “how” in critical machine components. A resume as a technical illustrator… Read More »

Shop Avionics Technician Resume Format

The Shop Avionics Technician conducts tests, repairs and overhaul of avionics equipment installed in the aircraft cockpit of military or commercial aircraft. There are two type of avionics technicians – line avionics who repair inside the aircraft for minor faults and the shop avionics who repairs routed avionics equipment to the shops from the line.… Read More »

Nuclear Power Reactor Operator Resume Format

The Nuclear Power Reactor Operator is part of a team responsible for operating a civilian nuclear power plant to generate electric power for consumers.  Working from a safe distance in a control booth, the nuclear power reactor operator monitors and controls the nuclear fission reactor to generate the raw energy to drive electric generating turbines… Read More »

Automotive Paint Technician Resume Format

Among the last processes to be done on newly built or assembled automobiles, body painting is performed by seasoned Automotive Paint Technicians or Paint Spraying Specialists using the right application of paints.  They may be using hand spraying tools and wearing paint-resistant outfit or they can be operating the spray booth remotely. Automotive Paint Technician… Read More »