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Manufacturing Technician Resume Format

The Manufacturing Technician provide assistance to industrial engineers working in virtually all commercial and industrial companies.  They help ensure the most cost-effective and efficient operations by implementing and monitoring engineering designs that empower these organization to attain their operational, production and quality objectives. In addition, Manufacturing Technicians gather and document performance data from to assist… Read More »

Assistant Designer Resume Format

Assistant Designers Assisted the drafters in designing and drawing of the components. They report to Drafters and work under the guidance of drafters. Assistant designers should have sound technical knowledge. It is an added advantage if assistant designers have knowledge of applied mechanics. They should have understanding of the features and functions of parts or… Read More »

HVAC Technician Resume Format

HVAC Technicians are responsible for the installation, repair and maintenance Of HVAC systems. They are also responsible for repair and maintenance of these systems. Moreover, they have to make purchases of the required spare parts. They should be experts in reading the blueprints related to the installations of these systems. They also repair house HVAC… Read More »

General Maintenance Technician Resume Format

General Maintenance technicians are responsible for the repair and maintenance of various kind of machinery. They make purchases and keep records of the material bought for the work purposes. They also perform tasks as assigned by the authorities. They also train and mentor apprentice in the field. They should have string technical knowledge base. The… Read More »

Technical Assistant Resume Format

The technical assistant must have all technical skills needed by technical engineer, technical support or technical analyst. The technical assistant can grow further in his career with the help of proper experience. The Technical Assistant has to support the technical functions of the organization. An effective format of technical assistant resume is given below to… Read More »