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Transportation resume

Transportation resume format is a detailed account of qualifications, skills, experience and knowledge of a person who is applying for a job in the transportation department of a district, town, state, country or even an organization. This kind of a resume format mainly consists of the proof of the person’s eligibility for that job profile.… Read More »

Freight Forwarder Resume Format

Freight Forwarders act as the middle men for the importers, exporters and other entities that work for the cost-effective transportation of goods and products.  They make sure that the transportation service they offer to clients is the best and most convenient one.  Freight Forwarders do this by investigating routes and costs for transportation services as… Read More »

Gallery Assistant Resume Format

Gallery Assistants work in art galleries and serve as the moving people behind the installation and presentation of the artwork.  They are responsible for the opening and closing of the gallery and before doing so, they must ensure that all artwork and items in the gallery are intact and safe.  Gallery Assistants receive and unpack… Read More »

Warehouse Custodian Resume Format

Warehouse Custodians are responsible for the cleanliness and tidiness of the warehouse.  They make inventories and ensure that all items and products are piled and stocked carefully.  To make sure that all items are safe and properly placed in order, these are packaged and labelled by the Warehouse Custodian.  They implement orders of the supervisors… Read More »

Storeman Driver Resume Format

Storeman Drivers drive automobiles, delivery trucks, bus or any transportation that carry supplies, products or people to several areas and destinations.  They ensure that these items that are transported are in good condition upon the storage in their automobiles and after the arrival to its destination.  Storeman Drivers carry requisitions with descriptions and make inventories… Read More »