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Airport Customs Officer Resume Format

Airport Customs Officers are in charge of preventing the importation of dangerous goods, illegal substances and firearms to a country.  They are skilled in searching and identifying these objects in the luggage and clothing of individuals entering another country through the services of the airports.  Airport Customs Officers make arrests of people suspected of smuggling… Read More »

Aircraft Propeller Engine Mechanic Resume Format

Aircraft Propeller Engine Mechanics diagnose, adjust, repair or overhaul aircraft engines that are driven by propellers including helicopters.  They must be educated and skilled in engineering and mechanics for them to be able to read and interpret maintenance and assembly manuals, identify parts and functions and examine malfunctions.  Aircraft Propeller Engine Mechanics are experts in… Read More »

Group Travel Planner Resume Format

Group Travel Planners arrange tours, transportation and accommodation for a large group of people usually consisting ten or more.  These tours may vary in the number of activities and places included depending on the composition of the group, their budget and goals.  As such, Group Travel Planners must have a wide serious number of contacts… Read More »

Hotel Baggage Porter And Bellhop Resume Format

Hotel Baggage Porters and Bellhops are responsible for escorting incoming guests to their rooms and assist them with their luggage.  They explain the operations of the different equipment in their rooms as well as give directions for the access of the facilities offered.  Hotel Baggage Porters and Bellhops are tasked to inform patrons of available… Read More »

Air Marshal Resume Format

Air Marshal has strong leadership skill with advanced ability to direct. They are highly capable individuals who lead in the conduct of surveillance, undercover work, interviewing, and investigation and interrogation techniques. They also have exceptional interpersonal skills. They are adept and very much familiar with customs and immigration law beneficial in the performance of their… Read More »