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Motorcycle Mechanic Resume Format

Motorcycle Mechanics perform a number of tasks for the repair and service of motorcycle vehicles that occupy the roads in millions.  They are in charge of routine tasks such as check-up of parts, assessment of malfunctioning parts and repairing or replacing parts to make sure that it functions well again.  They work for motorcycle repair… Read More »

Aircraft Painter Resume Format

Aircraft Painters are in charge of painting aircrafts for many reasons.  This may be required for maintenance and repairs or because of special instructions from the management officials to ensure the consistency and quality of the aircrafts.  They are asked to polish the windscreen of the aircraft area, prepare the aircraft surface for painting through… Read More »

Adventure Tour Leader Resume Format

Adventure Tour Leaders are excellent organizers and guides mostly for outdoor activities.  They posses creativity, physical strength and enthusiasm to ensure that guests and tourists enjoy the adventure they are to encounter.  Adventure Tour Leaders work for tourism companies, resorts, hotels, parks or even camp businesses that offer a package of tours including that of… Read More »

Airline Sous Chef Resume Format

Airline sous chefs work for airlines where they are responsible for proper and suitable food production for the airlines passengers, crew, and guests.  The airline sous chef leads the development and creation of different kinds of dishes that suits the varying tastes and palate of its numerous customers.  He/she also ensures that food preparation and… Read More »

Airport Lounge Receptionist Resume Format

Airport lounge receptionists work in airports where they are mainly responsible for overseeing the efficient flow of passengers and other individuals.  They cater to the needs of passengers, their guests or those who see them off or fetch them, as well as the needs of the airport staff and airplane crew.  They are also responsible… Read More »