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Resume Formats

Having the right qualifications and skills is not enough when looking for a job. You have to present these details in an enticing and attractive manner. There are various formats to pick from. The chronological format, chrono-functional format and hybrid format. These formats depend on whether the resume will be presented as a hard copy… Read More »

Sample Resume Format

A sample resume format is a flexible format for any career type. This means that a sample is given, but you may change or edit the headings as you see fit for your own career details. To start, write your career objective concisely, followed by your career profile, which summarizes your overall growth in your… Read More »

Free Resume

A free resume format does not follow the standard contents and layout of the usual resume format being used. This format type essentially includes headings that can strategically show your strengths, credibility, and other things that signify or depict your career profession. It does not have to include skills, achievements, or interests if they do… Read More »

Web-based Resume

Web-based Resume Format   A web-based resume format presents your resume in hypertext markup language or HTML in order to make it available in the web 24/7. Many employers look for prospect job applicants through the internet so online resume versions have also become popular among job seekers. Moreover, a web-based resume presents several advantages.… Read More »

Resume Formatting

 Resume Formatting   Using the right resume formatting is also as important as the contents of your resume. The formatting of a resume can be interpreted as either the way the content of the resume is arranged or the approach to the resume’s organization according to how it should be presented to its recipient. Both… Read More »