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Chronological Format

Chronological Format   Different resume formats exist because of different types of people writing it. Considerations vary per person and they are deemed significant with the intention of making the resume an effective tool in getting a job. Since resumes are the first things seen by interviewers, making a good first impression is essential. The… Read More »

Chrono-Functional Resume Format

Chrono-Functional Resume Format   There is a wide need for the functional resume format, especially when there are countless individuals who have limited job history and a work background that is inappropriate for the job applied for. However, many employers disdain this resume format. As a result, job seekers have devised a format that works… Read More »

Executive Resume Format

Executive Resume Format   An executive resume is like an executive summary of a person’s career. It suits people who are in a particular career for a long time, but it also works best for those who take different jobs in various career fields. This resume allows them to construct their resume with emphasis on… Read More »

Functional Resume Format

Functional Resume Format   The functional resume format is perfect if you are applying for a job, but you are not very confident about your work background. In this format, you emphasize your skills and achievements rather that your experiences in your past jobs. This essentially highlights your most important assets and important mix of… Read More »

Resume Form

A resume form is a tool that can help you compile information to write a professional resume. All you do is fill in the information on the resume form and transfer it to the template you are using to generate your resume. Resume forms help you avoid leaving out important information. Below is an example… Read More »