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Resume Pro forma

A resume pro forma is a resume designed to suit the needs of the employer specifically. It contains only the basic information and no added information. The following is an example of what a resume pro forma looks like.  Tim Hunt 122 Bank Avenue Chicago, Illinois 44203 Tel: (312) 533 – 7954 Email:   Career… Read More »

Simple Resume

Resumes come in a wide range of formats, layouts and styles. The style of your resume depends on the position for which you are applying and your own personality, skills, and attributes. Although there are countless ways of presenting your resume, there are some basic points and information that should be included in every resume.… Read More »

Resume Application

An increasing number of organizations prefer that applicants use online applications for the vacancies. When applying for a position online, the applicant is required to fill in a resume application. Just as in your normal resume, ensure that you are truthful in filling out the resume application. You should also try to use your strongest… Read More »

Resume Format for Download

  Download Resume Format Many websites offer resume format for download that serves as a backbone in creating your resume. The most popular styles or the chronological style, functional, and professional have different uses. Likewise, each has an appropriate resume format. For you to optimize the use of your resume, you must first identify your… Read More »

Hybrid Resume Format

Hybrid Resume The hybrid resume format integrates different resume formats. This optimizes the use of the resume in terms of highlighting the main components of a person’s career that may not be presented well in an otherwise single resume format. This format may be a combination of chronological and functional, chronological and professional, and so… Read More »