Accounts Payable Clerk Resume Format

By | September 15, 2010

The job of accounts payable clerk is to maintain the payments made to different vendors of the organization. The accounts payable clerk should be able to properly track and maintain the financial transactions with the vendors. They are assigned with the task of managing payable account. Accounts payable clerks are assigned with the task of payments done to vendors or to other staff. Accounts payable clerk should have extensive knowledge of accounting and finance management. Given here is Accounts Payable Clerk Resume format which is helpful for candidates seeking job as accounts clerks, payroll accountants etc.

Accounts Payable Clerk Resume Format

Frank Joseph

34 Bull Street,
Bakerville, MA 07398

Looking for job as a accounts payable clerk in leading organization that can utilize my skills and expertize.

Summary of Qualifications:

• Strong accounting knowledge.

• Experience in preparing all kinds of accounting statements.

• Hands on experience of working with popular accounting packages.

• Experienced in managing diverse accounts.
2000 -2002
University of North Carolina, Masters of Commerce
University of Miami, Bachelors of Commerce
Career Experience/Job History:
Big Bull Sports Product Manufacturers

Accounts Payable Clerk

• Managing various client payment accounts.

• Prepare credit and payable statements of the clients.

• Prepare the periodic reports for review of the senior management.

Hallway Retailers
Accounts Payable Clerk

• Maintain and track payments made to vendors.

• Prepare various account reports for review by chief accountant.


• Received silver medal in interstate swimming championship.