Accounts Payable Resume

By | August 11, 2009

In making your resume, you need to have specific details that show why you are qualified for the Job. Details like objectives, educational attainment and personal information will definitely make your resume interesting.

You can even put your working experiences for additional information. This information’s can be an eye-catching for most employers.

Accounts Payable Resume Sample


1234 Moonwalk Subdivisions, Fenton MO 93458

HOME:  (423) 123 923 321 CEL # (321) 918 234 323


A position that will utilize my abilities as an accountant


EL Capone Group of Companies Benton HWY, Fayette MO

Accounting Staff, 1999 – 2003

  • Making diversity of financial reports
  • Assisting maintenance of general ledgers
  • Negotiating due accounts from the past
  • Sending credit memos and orders

Guese Enterprises – Karcena BLVD, Fleming MO

Administrative Support, 2004- 2007

  • Administrative staff support
  • Filling Data entry
  • Computing company finances
  • Payroll distribution
  • Train customers for product knowledge
  • Preparing drafts for monthly production

Cauillan Group of Companies Minette Ave, Ellisville MO

Administrative Assistant/ Training Coordinator, 2008 – Present

  • Supporting managers in training department
  • Distributing both incoming and out coming mails
  • Professionally handling customer complaints
  • Budget tracking
  • Salary distribution


B.S. Mathematics – Norombaba University State University, Callahan Bridge, MO 1989

B.S Accountancy – Agustin colleges, Fayette MO 1994


  • Well oriented working with negligible supervision
  • Expert in accounting programs
  • Excellent interpersonal communication
  • Experienced in accounting and administration
  • Excellent accountant skills

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