Acting Resume Format

By | February 25, 2009

Acting Resume


An acting resume format summarizes your experience in the field of show business. It focuses on your projects that are relevant to acting, rather than on your education or work experience.

To start, write a summary of your profile. This includes the number of years in the field, your highest attainment, and your most promising project. This shows how far you have gotten in the acting industry.

Next, provide an elaborate acting experience. If you do acting in several fields, such as television and theater, you may place them in separate sub-sections. List your most notable projects. The title of the show or play, the location, and the year.

Below each entry, list your role and identify if it is a lead, major, or minor role. Add the directors or writers, as well as the prominent actors you performed with.

Next briefly discuss your educational history, especially if you have attended an acting school. For the record, it may be appropriate to include your employment history.

However, if you have been acting all your life and intend to stay in the acting industry, this may be omitted. Finally, write your personal information and reference persons.

Acting Resume Format and Example

Jane McGregor

293 New York
New York, USA

(012) 345-6789


  • More than 10 years of experience in theater acting and singing
  • Started acting since age 14 in small town theaters
  • Currently taking Masters in Fine Arts Acting in order to further improve my skill sand be able to act in the big screen
  • Passionate and hardworking


The Little Mermaid. New York City Theater, 2008

As “Ariel”, the lead role. With notable actors from the Broadway. Directed by Phyllida LloydThe Fantasticks. Snapple Theater Center New York, 2008As “Ms. Fantasticks”, a major role. With notable actors. Directed by Word Bake

Mamma Mia. New York City Theater, 2007

As “Dorothy”, a lead role. With notable actors from the Broadway. Directed by Francesca ZambelloPerfect Crime. Duffy Theater Center New York, 2007As “Margaret Thorne Brent”, a minor role. With notable actors. Written by Warren Manzi

Mary Poppins. New York City Theater, 2006

As “Jane Banks”, a minor role. With notable actors from the Broadway. Directed by Richard EyreFirst Time. Dodger Stages Theater New York, 2006As “Jenny”, a minor role. With notable actors. Directed and produced by Ken DavenportAltar Boys. The Rialto, 2006As “lady”, a minor role. With senior actors. Directed by Professor ArimaShampoo.New Jersey City University Theater, 2006As “little sister”, a minor role. With senior actors. Directed by Professor Dante


Masters of Fine Arts in Acting 2008-present

New York Film Academy

New York, USA

Fundamentals of Theater Acting Summer 2007

New York Institute of Acting

New York, USA

Bachelor of Arts in Theater Studies 2002 – 2006

New Jersey City University

New Jersey, USA


Minor RoleActor             2005 – 2006

The Rialto

New Jersey, USA

Production Member        Summer 2004 and 2005

The Rialto

New Jersey, USA


Birth Date  April 9, 1985

Nationality  American

Civil Status  Single

Height   5’7’’

Weight  120 lbs.

Complexion  Fair

Built   Lean

Hair Color  Red


Available upon request

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