Admin Resume Format

By | September 15, 2010

Admin or Administrator is an experienced and senior position. The job of admin involves managing the resources reporting to him or her. Admins are responsible for smooth functioning of whichever department they are assigned to manage. Admin acts as the head of the department. Admin delegates various tasks to his/her subordinates. Admin ensures that these tasks are completed in time and according to the goals set. Given here is the Admin Resume format which can be used by candidates seeking job as Admin or Junior Admin in the organizations.

Admin Resume Format

Mark Davidson

49 Music Lane,
Worksville, MA 08723

Seeking job as a Admin in leading organization that can utilize my experience and skills.

Summary of Qualifications:

•Excellent communication skills

•Knowledge of best office administration practices.

•Working knowledge of office management software.
2000 -2002
University of Iowa, Masters Degree in Office Administration
Florida State University, Bachelors Degree in Office Administration
Career Experience/Job History:
Honest Financial Services Inc


• Responsible for smooth working of the office by managing various utilities.

• Reporting to branch manager about functioning of various departments.

• Responsible for smooth organizing of various office events and conferences.

• Arranging proper infrastructure needed for conducting conferences, events and meetings.

Happy Health Care Services Inc

• Responsible for managing the regular office supplies.

• Assigning the tasks for housekeeping staff and monitoring their work schedules.

• Keeping a tab on office utilities.


• Represented Iowa in national baseball championships.

References upon request