Administrative Resume

By | March 15, 2012

An administrative resume is useful for individuals who want to work in the administrative department of a company.  The work of an administrator is to handle clerical and administrative duties of the company.  Administrators also handle clients, take phone calls, handle internal communication within the organization, type, procure and distribute office equipment and material, make travel arrangements for staff members, organize meetings and making appointments.

An administrative resume should highlight the individual’s skills which are in line with the requirements of the job.  Work experience should also be included and should demonstrate the capabilities of the individual.  The work of an administrator is very dynamic and versatile. This means that the individual applying for the job should try and highlight factors which emphasize their character traits or skills which make them suitable for the job.  Character traits which should be underlined include reliability, ability to multi task and work under pressure. Some of the skills to highlight in the resume include organizational skills and communication skills. Accounting and budgeting skills are also important.

An administrative resume should prove to the employer that the individual is the best person for the job.  The resume should include the educational background, work experience, skills, hobbies and interests.

Administrative Resume Format and Example

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