Advertising Agency Resume Format

By | March 19, 2010

Most advertising firms are always advertising for job positions they have. They highlight the departments and the jobs they are offering. These agencies mostly use print and web mediums to advertise.

You should send in your C.V when you come across any job advertisement that suits you, taking into account the requirements. Do proper research on the company to ensure that they are not scamming you.

This sample resume can be used to apply for jobs like Creative Director or Advertising Executive.

Sample Advertising Agency Resume

Martin Kidda

847 Avenue Street


Mobile No: +25761513958

Telephone No: 0203813267

Career Objective:

I want to achieve a fulfilling and rewarding job in a reputable advertising agency. I have excellent communication skills and I am able to represent myself properly in art forms bringing out stories and ideas in a relevant way.

I want to be able to develop unique design concepts, come up with appropriate presentation ideas and relate with the agencies clients through art. I hope to be given a chance to explore my passion in art.

Professional Experience:

2003- 2005: – Art Assistant- TryB Magazine

2006- 2008: Head Cartoonist–  TryB Magazine


2001- 2004: Degree in Drawing and Design – ACOA, Australia

2000- 2001: Diploma in Studio Art- Australian School of Arts- Australia


2002: Award best Cartoon Feature.




Playing Scrabble


Can be provided on request

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