Aerospace Engineering Resume Format

By | April 12, 2012

An aerospace engineering resume format would be of great help to those, who want a dynamic and unusual career option. Aerospace industry is all about aviation and aerospace programs piloted by government space agencies. The aerospace engineer is the technical person who will try to monitor the aerospace and aviation programs and missions. Aerospace engineers provide a lot of information and assistance about the technical aspects of aviation and space missions. This is why they are so sought after by the different aerospace bodies and associations. This is how a sample resume for the job would actually look like.

Aerospace engineering resume format

Perry Brown

16TH Street, Worcester,

Boston, Massachusetts, USA,

Phone Number: 116 789 234

Email ID:


To work diligently as an aerospace engineering a reputed aerospace company or association and provide advice and guidance to aerospace missions and operations manned and piloted by the different technicians and engineers in the aerospace associations.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Expert knowledge and expertise in the arena of aerospace engineering and skilled in providing this expertise.
  • Applying knowledge of aerospace dynamics and science in aerospace missions and operations and other fields as well.
  • Knowledgeable in the field of computer software and engineering applications as well.

Career Experiences:

2009 To Present: Aerospace Engineer at NASA with the following responsibilities:

  • Designing, testing and launching prototype aircraft and missile models and technologies.
  • Manning space missions and operations and missile launches for the association.
  • Operating and analyzing different NASA space and espionage technologies and techniques


2006 To 2009: MBA in Aerospace Engineering from Boston University, USA

Professional references would be furnished upon request.