Air Force Resume

By | March 15, 2012

An air force resume is used to apply for jobs in the air force.  These jobs require specialized skills and training which is only given in the air force.  There are different types of jobs available in different sectors of the air force.  They include logistics, operations, maintenance, support staff, legal department, medical, and finance, dental, chaplaincy, contracting and special investigation jobs.  These job groups all require specialized air force training and then training in a specific field.

An air force resume should specify the particular field you want to work in within the air force.  This means that when you apply to work in the legal department, then you will need legal training and qualifications which are in line with your air force training.  If you apply to work in the support staff department then you will need specific training in this field.

An air force resume should highlight all air force training, special awards and recognitions received and any participation in active duty.  The resume should also show qualifications and work experience specific to the particular field you want to work in.  The resume should prove and highlight that you are the most qualified and most suitable candidate for the position.

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