Air force Transition Resume Format

By | June 5, 2010

The experience that is gained while serving the military can be used in a civilian job. For people who want to make this kind of transition, a well written air force transition resume is essential.

This sample air force transition resume can be used to create resumes for military personnel who want to make a transition to other sectors.

Sample Air force Transition Resume

Joe Thomas

234 Train Avenue

Oakland, CA

Mobile Number: 55599070

Telephone Number: 555897987

Career Objective:

To advance my career in the area of marketing and promotional advertising with the aim of bringing about innovative changes in the industry

Professional Experience:

2000-2002: Air Force Recruiter- US Air Force


Monitored reassignment of duties

Managed job reports

Evaluated job applicants and arranged their deployment

Administered staff motivation programs

Designed marketing research systems

Analyzed and implemented institutional changes

Generated promotional events

2003-2004: Air Force Recruiter- US Air Force


Submitted school applications

Reduced the time taken during the processing of applications

Developed marketing programs

Promoted positive relations in the county

2005-2007: Medical Specialist- US Air Force


Directed recovery room activities

Managed administrative functions


Trained in Trained in performance training and staff evaluation

Trained in innovative advertising and organization policies

Trained in operational functions and development of marketing strategies


1993-1996: Bachelor of Business Management- University of Texas

1997-1999: Master of International Affairs- University of Chicago


Successfully reformed the local recruitment program

Increased production through staff motivation activities

Prepared presentations for international seminars

Effectively supervised and set up security forces when security concerns were raised by local residents in the area






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