Aircraft Maintenance Technician Resume Format

By | March 15, 2012

The aircraft maintenance technician resumeis given below. Aircraft maintenance technician is an individual who focuses on the activities that are related to the maintenance of the aircraft and the aviation industry and its activities. The primary need is to grab the attention of the employer and in an industry of this type, it is imperative that you get the maximum hold at an instant. The resume presented below provides a basic idea of how to apply for the position of aircraft maintenance technician.

Aircraft Maintenance technician resume


P.O. Box 1890,

Columbia, SC, USA

Phone: (123)-4567890


To deliver my services as an Aircraft maintenance technician in an organization that is leading well in the industry and develop my skills and enhance them for the betterment of the organization I work with.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Certification course in the field of aviation and maintenance
  • More than five years of expertise and experience
  • Finding out problems with ease and analyzing the causes that are responsible
  • Standard procedures in maintaining an aircraft
  • Excellent wiring solutions delivered

Career Experiences:

2004-2012: Aircraft maintenance technician, ColumbiaAirforce Base, SC, USA with the following responsibilities

  • Repairing the malfunctioning parts of an aircraft
  • Expertise in the maintenance of battery operation and the process of installation and removal.
  • Discussing with specialists in the event of a big failure and finding out ways and reasons to get them sorted
  • Clean and organized environment at work


1996-2000: Masters in Applied Aeronautics, Iowa State University, USA

1993-1996: Bachelors in Aeronautical Science, NYC State University, USA

Professional References would be furnished upon request.


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