Aircraft Mechanic Resume Format

By | March 15, 2012

Following is the Aircraft mechanic resume format. Aircraft mechanics are individuals who are well trained in conducting the various units of checks in an aircraft and also possess a complete knowledge about aircraft trainings and more. The US industry demands that they possess a mechanic who is certified by the government and there are also many courses in aircraft maintenance if you are really interested in one. The resume given below can be used to apply for such positions and thus, you can modify it to input your details and requirements.

Aircraft Mechanic Resume Format

Carl Haynes

P.O. Box 1239,


Phone: (125)-7561892


Seeking suitable position for a career in the aircraft industry where my knowledge, skills and expertise can be best applied for the position.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Professional License from the US Government
  • Membership of the Texas Base
  • Theoretical and a comprehensive practical knowledge on the subject
  • Highly enthusiastic
  • Excellent troubleshooting and mechanical skills

Career Experiences:

2004-Present: Aircraft mechanic, NY Aircraft Works, NY, USA with the following responsibilities

  • Inspections at all levels of the aircraft including the engines, fueling, lubrication and more
  • Expertise in the maintenance of power and battery operation along with the process of installation and removal.
  • Good knowledge on the various components of an aircraft
  • Strong communication skills to co ordinate with the resource and the supply team


1996-2000: Masters in Applied Aeronautics, Vegas University, USA

1993-1996: Bachelors in Aeronautical Science, NYC State University, USA

Professional References would be furnished upon request.