Airline Refunds Manager Resume Format

By | January 19, 2011

Refunding unused airline tickets or segment tickets thereof is authorized by a Customer Relations Officer or the VP sales depending on the nature of the ticket. Approved refund requests, however, go through the standard accounting process prior to release to ensure proper system journalizing and to ensure that the ticket sales has entered the books. The Airline Refunds Manager  approves or rejects refund requests based on corporate policies.

Airline Refunds Manager Resume Format

Alicia H. Cornell

Belvedere, Atlanta, Georgia

Phone:  (404) 657-6687


To be a senior Airline Refunds Manager in an airline or financial company

Summary of Qualification

  • More than a decade experience as a Refunds Manager in an airline company.
  • Excellent skills in computerized accounting systems such as SAP/Financials
  • Excellent verbal and writing communication skills


Career Experience/Job History


2004 – Present:  Assistant Refunds Manager, Delta Airlines

  • Ensure compliance of all refund requests with airline policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that airline tickets for refunds not regular airline tickets not marked with “not refundable.”
  • Reject refund requests for non refundable tickets unless approved by airline executives for purely marketing purposes.
  • Approve or reject refund requests within policies and procedures
  • Advise customer by phone or email that refunds are ready to be picked up
  • Approve refund deposits customer accounts or prepare refund checks.


  • Cited for meritorious management  work
  • Implemented quality solutions in ensuring error-free data entries in refunds ledger on the corporate GL system


2000:  Attended Air Transport Course conducted by US FAA.

1993 – 1997: BS in Economics, Michigan State University


Professional and Character References

Can be furnished upon request.


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