Army Reserve Resume Format

By | June 5, 2010

This sample resume can be used as guide to persons seeking employment in the army. A good army reserve resume outlines the professional experience and applicant’s educational background.

It should also include a strong and concise career or professional objective of the applicant. Applicants’ achievements in the previous jobs are also included in this type of resume can be used when applying for jobs like army sergeants,

Sample Army Reserve Resume

Morris Anderson,

3434, East 45 Street,

Carlisle, MA 878787,

(123)-676 9797,

Professional experience:

1994-2000 Sergeant -New York


Supervising junior officers in the department

Prevention, detection and investigation of crime

Training the platoon

Provide guidance and advising to commanders and staffs on military and civil police matters.

Supporting physical security of military installations and property, rail centers, military ports, depots and terminals.

1972-1994 assistant sergeant –Alabama Army National Guard


Trained and supervised the platoon

Supervised maintenance of platoon equipment

Instructed the Distributed Learning Equipment Orientation Course weekly

1968-1970Reconnaissance Marine, Battalion, 3rd Marine Division, Republic of Vietnam

Participated in long range reconnaissance patrols in the northern-most province of South Vietnam

Served variously as the team radioman, machine gunner, and grenadier.

Operated in support of three major operations,

Organized ambushes, rough riders and perimeter guard.

1964-1968 Cadet officer – New York Squadron


Performed duties as assigned by my superiors

Worked with police officers in conducting patrols


1968 Battalion Training Management System,

1960-1964 Bachelor of Science in Business Management University of Chicago


Reading and writing




Available upon request

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