Art Designer Resume Format

By | September 7, 2011

Art Designers and artists are creative individuals with artistic skills that design and create visuals for a company.  These visuals may be in the form of drawings, pictures, paintings or visuals that are created with computer software.  They make logos, letterheads and package advertising and marketing documents to make it more enticing for the customers.  Art designers must be highly creative and proficient in the use of computer software to create designs.  This is because most companies now use electronic publishing therefore, electronic generated images are much more convenient to use.  They must have excellent communication and logical skills to be able to convey the images correctly and in accordance to the requirements of their clients.

Art Designer Resume Format

Rica McDonald

Clerkenwell, LondonEC2Y 9RY

Phone:  555-777-6034


Resourceful and industrious individual is seeking employment Art designer where I can utilize my abilities while gaining additional knowledge on the job.

Summary of Qualification

  • Two years of experience as a member of an art design team.
  • Trustworthy and can be depended on to perform functions effectively.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Highly creative and with the ability to process and client requirements.
  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Knowledgeable and proficient in computer design software.
  • Keen in details and with the ability to organize and update records.

Career Experience/Job History

2008 – present:  Art Designer, Hands Media Corp.

  • Creates graphic art and visuals for the companies tri-media
  • Performs designing for sets and props
  • Coordinates activities with other departments of the company to ensure viability and accuracy of design concept
  • Designs the visual content of the company website


2003-2008: Bachelor of Arts in Conceptual Design, University of London

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.