Asset Management Resume Format

By | June 5, 2010

Individuals wishing to obtain a job as an Asset Manager must demonstrate excellent skills in sales and management.

As an applicant, you should also have exceptional communication and presentation skills.

An efficient asset management sample resume must show your outstanding skills. Below is an example of an efficient asset management resume you can use to apply for positions like business management jobs, asset advisor jobs, sales management jobs etc.

Sample Asset Management Resume

James Halloweth

99 lower Street, Square Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 956821

Mobile No: +212-556-8564

Telephone No: +212-885-6589

Career Objective

Committed individual with excellent professional skills with over six years experience in financial management in pursuit of a position as an Asset Manager where my knowledge and skills will enhance a positive growth of your company.

Professional Experience

2004 presently: Alpha Financial Company, Texas. Sales Director


Developing policies that encouraged an increase of funds for clients.

Coming up with sales strategies to attract and maintain more clients.

Acquiring new assets through individual sales.

Managing and accounting for over $110 million in assets

2001-2004: H&C Investments Company, California. Regional Asset manager


Managed high net worth accounts and contracts.

Ensured growth and expansion of the company within the region.

Increased sales and ensured tax planning as well as an increase in revenue.

Trained and supervised the sales team.

Developed sales strategies and tactics for more sales.


1998 -2000 Bachelor of Arts, Sales Management, University of Minneapolis


Successfully managed high net asset accounts and accounted for over 37% of the company’s total assets under management

Graduated with honors




Playing basketball


Can be availed upon request

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