Assistant Designer Resume Format

By | September 17, 2010

Assistant Designers Assisted the drafters in designing and drawing of the components. They report to Drafters and work under the guidance of drafters. Assistant designers should have sound technical knowledge. It is an added advantage if assistant designers have knowledge of applied mechanics. They should have understanding of the features and functions of parts or components they are expected to design. The below sample of Assistant Designer Resume is for all graduate of engineering who would like to pursue job of Assistant Designer and Associate Designer.

Assistant Designer Resume Format

William Parker

30 West Mount Street,
Mountville, MA 098048

Seeking the job as a assistant designer in leading organizations.

Summary of Qualifications:

• Excellent skills in engineering drawing.

• Working knowledge of state of the art designing software supplications.

• Experience of designing and drawing various automobile components.
2000 -2002
Arkansas State University, Masters of Engineering – Mechanical

Oregon State University, Bachelors of Engineering – Mechanical
Career Experience/Job History:
Hourglass Auto Spare Part Manufacturers

Assistant Designer

• Assisted drafter in engineering drawing.

• Create designs for component parts using software.

• Prepare and manage design documents for the component designs.

Fixit Auto Spare Manufacturers
Assistant Designer

• Prepare engineering drawings by utilizing component design applications.

• Work with Drafter for complete design of auto spare parts.

• Test the prototype for compliance with design specifications.


• My automobile engineering drawings were greatly appreciated.

• Represented Oregon in national billiards championships.
References upon request