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Insurance Resume

Insurance is a stable yet dynamic industry that provides a wealth of advancement and career opportunities. Career opportunities include customer service, sales, accounting and management among others. An Insurance resume is used by individuals in the insurance industry. The resume gives potential employers an idea of the applicant and the applicant’s skills and capabilities.

The insurance professional helps clients understand their insurance needs, explain their options to clients and hopefully help them purchase appropriate insurance policies. Major areas of insurance include auto insurance, life insurance and health insurance. Professionals in this industry require an insurance resume which highlight the ability to do perform these responsibilities

The objective should be indicated to highlight the applicants’ goals and top qualifications as well. The objective should be brief but informative. The resume should contain the name and contact details of the applicant. It should also indicate areas of skill and expertise of what the applicant has achieved and what they are good at.

The insurance resume should include the skills and the experience as well as achievements that are relevant to the job being applied for and any certification attained. It is important to include necessary technical terms to let potential employers know the applicant is familiar with the industry.

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HR Resume

A HR resume is used by professionals who work in human resource.  The human resource department is essential in every organization. The human resource department has wide responsibilities including hiring, training, compensation and dealing with labor disputes among other human resource related issues. HR professionals also act as counselors and provide advice on how to deal with personal issues. The resume should reflect various roles the professional can play or has performed before to illustrate that they have a good understanding of the job responsibilities.

A HR resume should reflect the applicants understanding of human resource policies and how they have an impact on company mission and goals. The resume should highlight job responsibilities that the applicant possesses and may have already dealt with.

The HR resume should include the objective for applying for the position, education and training, professional experience, project experience and any additional experience. The resume also includes any affiliations, honors, or awards received. These affiliations, honors and skills give additional insight on the kind of person the applicant is and where their strength lies and their personalities. It is important for an applicant to make an impression on the potential employer. This can be done by highlighting the services an applicant has made which caused a difference to an organization.

Many people considering work in HR also pursue an online masters degree in organizational leadership.

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Hospitality Resume

The mention of hospitality conjures ideas of the hotel industry. However, the hospitality industry also includes events, gaming, entertainment and recreation. A hospitality resume is mainly used by bar tenders, waiters, chefs, hotel managers, banquet managers the rest of the workers in the hospitality industry.

Applicants seeking jobs in the hospitality industry must include a career objective for choosing the job. Hospitality resumes include career objectives which when written should clearly indicate the type of job the individual is interested in and long term prospects for the future. This gives employers an insight to the person they are considering to hire.

In the hospitality industry, presentation is everything and applicant must never forget to include names of referees that they have worked for before. The details should include the area that the referees supervised as well as contact details

A hospitality resume should clearly include the applicants name and contact details. Past employment that is provided should be complete and should include all the jobs that the applicant has had. Unlike other professions where an applicant includes any experience or training, the hospitality resume does not have to have all these details especially if applying for a lower position.

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Healthcare Resume

A healthcare resume is important to individuals who work in the healthcare industry .The work of healthcare personnel is to provide healthcare advice and services and ensure patients lead a healthy lifestyle. There are diverse jobs in the healthcare industry. The jobs require that one has the necessary certification in healthcare provision and relevant training. The jobs in healthcare include dental hygienists, medical assistants, paramedics, occupational therapists and physician assistants.

All these careers require different skills and qualifications. A healthcare resume must show that a healthcare professional understands the changes in the healthcare industry, especially if the organization is sensitive to cost control and productivity. It must show evidence of skills, experience, and commitment to quality and ability to evaluate.

Healthcare professionals who use resumes are mainly those who are applying for back office jobs and administrative positions. In his healthcare resume, the professional should list all his credentials and achievements. When seeking a management position reverse chronological resumes are preferred. This is because the experience and skills are evaluated in comparison to the organizations needs. The resume includes education, internships, any professional experience, awards and honors. Publications speaking engagements and conferences or professional affiliations are also included.

Finance Resume

The field of finance involves working with figures, money and assets.  A finance resume can be used to apply for a job in the field of finance.  The resume can be used to apply for a job in the finance department of a company, in the stock market, in an asset management company or financial consultancy firm.  A person applying for a job in the finance field needs to be a person of integrity as they may be asked to handle sensitive matters to do with client’s financial assets.  The person needs to be honest and have qualifications which make them able to handle all duties and responsibilities of the job.

finance resume needs to highlight the person’s ability to work with all issues to do with finance as well as their personal traits which make them suitable for the job.  It is important to include referees who can vouch for the credibility and suitability of the person applying.  The full contact information of the referees should be included as well the person’s daytime contact information.  The resume should not be detailed enough without taking up more than three pages.  It is advisable to make short statements which give the maximum information.