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Administrative Resume

An administrative resume is useful for individuals who want to work in the administrative department of a company.  The work of an administrator is to handle clerical and administrative duties of the company.  Administrators also handle clients, take phone calls, handle internal communication within the organization, type, procure and distribute office equipment and material, make travel arrangements for staff members, organize meetings and making appointments.

An administrative resume should highlight the individual’s skills which are in line with the requirements of the job.  Work experience should also be included and should demonstrate the capabilities of the individual.  The work of an administrator is very dynamic and versatile. This means that the individual applying for the job should try and highlight factors which emphasize their character traits or skills which make them suitable for the job.  Character traits which should be underlined include reliability, ability to multi task and work under pressure. Some of the skills to highlight in the resume include organizational skills and communication skills. Accounting and budgeting skills are also important.

An administrative resume should prove to the employer that the individual is the best person for the job.  The resume should include the educational background, work experience, skills, hobbies and interests.

Administrative Resume Format and Example

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Accounting Resume

An accounting resume format is a resume format that is useful for people who want to apply for a job in the accounting department of a company or an organization. This kind of a resume format is designed by people who have the required accounts related knowledge and skill to be entitles for the particular job profile.

An accounting resume format should mainly consist of the following details:

  • It should highlight the applicant’s skills in the accounting field.
  • If the person has had any kind of previous experience in the particular field, then its details and proof should be attached with the resume.
  • The resume format should also focus upon the career plans and objectives of the applicant and the reason why that organization can help him/her achieve them.

Basically an accounting resume format should convince the employer of the applicant’s capabilities and make him/her believe that the applicant is the best person for the given job profile.

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Police Resume

A police resume is used to apply for a job in the police force.  The police are in charge of maintaining law and order within a particular area of jurisdiction as well as protecting people and their property.  Police officers need to have adequate training on the best and most effective ways of keeping the law and protecting citizens and their property.

These skills enable them to lower crime rates by tackling and preventing crime.  Police officers put their lives at risk to protect others.  This means that when applying for a job as a police officer you should be prepared to put your life at risk for others.  It is a challenging and demanding role but with numerous rewards.  Police officers are also responsible for carrying out investigations on crimes committed against people or property.

A police resume should clearly show reasons that make you the most suitable and qualified person for the job.  You should include all training received to become a police officer, qualifications and skills which make you stand out.

The police resume should highlight communication skills as police officers work closely with members of the public as well as with lawyers, social workers, town clerks and community leaders.

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Software Resume

Professionals in the computer industry who specialize in software use software resumes. The resume should clearly indicate technical skills of a candidate. This is effectively done by adding a technical summary or expertise section in the resume. Unlike other resumes, the software resume has a simple format and is best written by keeping in mind prospective employers in mind.

The resume should have a strong focus on goal and support tasks related to security administration. This clearly indicates to the employer the purpose of the application. It should be short but highlight your achievements. Computer or other educational qualifications in a software resume should consist of course content in brief, the duration, the institute and also the result.  Projects done or any personality development, marketing diploma, general research or studies associated with software should also be included.

A software resume should indicate how the applicants’ achievements have been of service to his other employers. Initiatives and performances that enhanced efficiency, faster work or monetary saving are included to show applicants resourcefulness. Using keywords in the resume depend on the job and target experience. Specific programs and applications are often used as key words in technical resume.

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Student Resume

A student resume is mainly used by individuals recently out of school and seeking a job. The resume is not as detailed as other resumes but follows the same rules used in creating other resumes. It should highlight achievements such as projects extra-curricular activities and any summer jobs that the applicant has had. The applicant should include soft skills that they possess which are required in all professional jobs.

An applicant should indicate in his student resume any kind of work experience such as internships, part-time jobs and extra-curricular activities. It should include a clear objective that the student hopes to achieve. Recruiters and employees are always seeking individuals in their organizations that meet deadlines, are able to manage time and can reduce costs.

Therefore, a student resume should indicate to the potential employer how the individual will be an asset to the company. Relevant information should be included such skills one possesses in computers, hobbies and interests as well as courses that the applicant has undertaken outside of their course.  The resume should include a list of at least three references form where the student has previously worked. However lecturers are also used as references in this type of resumes

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