Automobile Engineering Resume Format

By | June 5, 2010

The field of automotive engineering is a challenging one that calls for dedication and innovation. It offers exciting opportunities for career growth and development. A resume should contain information that is relevant to the position being sought. This resume can also be used to apply for lead engineer jobs, system engineer jobs, developing engineer jobs, test engineer jobs, hardware engineering jobs e.t.c

Sample Automotive Engineering Resume

Joan Horn

321 Corner Street

Inglewood, California

Mobile Number: 134257151

Telephone Number: 534251754

Career Objective:

To be a professional automotive engineer who is innovative and able to advance design skills while maintaining a positive attitude

Professional Experience:

2000-2002: Automotive Engineer- Auto Solutions Company


Responsible for testing specified automotive parts and ensuring their safety compliance

Developed cost effective automotive parts

Worked with other automotive engineers on various projects

2003- 2005: Automotive Engineer- Design and Innovations Company


Managed a team of junior automotive engineers

Supervised the design of a range of automotive parts

2006-2008: Automotive Designer- Middle Auto Designs


Designed parts according to stipulated requirements

Ensured that all parts were routinely tested and met the set requirements

Assessed performance and durability of automotive parts


Trained in designing and testing new automotive parts

Trained in trained in performance assessment and compliance

Trained in automotive design development


1992-1996: Bachelor of Automotive Engineering- University of New York

1997-1999: Master of Automotive Engineering- University of New York


Received recognition from the International Society of Automotive Engineers for outstanding performance

Led a team of American automotive engineers at the annual conference of engineers

Developed a range of innovative automotive parts






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