Banking Resume Format

By | February 25, 2009


Banking Resume


A banking resume format presents a person’s career in the said field. It highlights the progression of the career starting from a basic banking position to a higher, probably managerial or corporate one.

If you have been on the field for more than five years, include in your career summary your highest attainment. This should give your reader an idea how far you have gone in the field of banking.

Tackle next your qualifications relating to the functions of banking. Whether you are an accountant or bank manager, list the important skills that have been developed in your years of experience. Next, elaborate on your work history. List your position, name of company, and inclusive dates.

Provide details of your roles in the company under that position and achievements. List your educational background next. Because this boost your resume, it is appropriate to discuss your courses especially if they are related to the field. If you are taking or have taken your masters study, write the details.

End your resume with some of your personal information, such as birth date and civil status, and reference persons. Remember to make all the details in your resume relevant to the functions and skills needed in the field.

Banking Resume Format and Example

Oscar Shale

132 Madison
Wisconsin, USA

(012) 345-6789


  • More than 6 years of experience and expertise in bank accounting, 4 in other banking positions
  • Currently taking Masters in Finance to expand knowledge and skills in Accounting and Finance in order to widen the scope of expertise
  • Result-oriented and a conscientious worke


  • Certified Public Accountant, board taken on 2007
  • Competent in auditing businesses in different industries
  • Has excellent abilities in determining tax exception policies of each business
  • Skillful in assessing short term and long term financial strength of clients
  • Has competent accounting skills
  • Skillful in generating financial reports and interpreting them


Certified Public Accountant                       2007 – present

Business Consultant Company

Nebraska, USA

      • Audits client businesses in different industries, including manufacturing, finance, and service
      • Determines tax exceptions, gains, and savings for each business of client companies
      • Determines long term financial strength of the client companies
      • Handles the accounting facets of the company
      • Facilitates training and development among other junior accountants in the compan
      • BCC’s Outstanding Employees, 2008
      • Employee of the Year Awardee, 2007


Junior Accountant                    2004 – 2007

American Bank

Nebraska, USA

    • In charge of day-to-day accounting tasks
    • Does financial computations for the company and make analysis and recommendations
    • Prepares day-to-day financial reports

Teller                  1998 – 2004

American Bank

Nebraska, USA


Masters Study in Finance               2007 – present

University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin, USA

    • Dean’s Lister for 2 semesters

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration        1994 – 1998

University of Nebraska

Nebraska, USA

    • Major in Accounting
    • Minors in Business Law and French
    • Graduated with honors
    • Dean’s Lister for 4 semesters


Birth Date  April 9, 1977

Civil Status  Single

Nationality  American


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