Best Resume Writing

By | March 23, 2009

One important way to sharpen your skills on best resume writing is to use verbiage especially at the beginning of the resume.

This instantly draws the attention of the reader who will quickly and instantly identify the role(s) in which the owner of the resume will be able to make a contribution.

Use verbs to describe functional areas, titles, level of study and experience, and the position that the resume is prepared for.

The period of experience in years should always be mentioned. For a fresh graduate, include any vocational or volunteer experience. Temporary appointments can also be included.

Emphasize your preferred industry in which you are or you are seeking to join. Also spell out clearly all core areas of expertise and competencies. Put down in detail all fields of specialization and follow these with projects and achievements.

Always highlight accomplishments especially those that demonstrate the competencies and skills that you have used all through a study programme or career, however brief, and that appertain to the position being applied for.

Mention leadership positions held in any institutions and other top business responsibilities. Also put down all skills that are craft-related, both soft- and hard-skills such as interpersonal, communication and teamwork.

You can add onto this information by incorporating value-added information. These are accomplishments, experiences and skills that add value to your competencies – those that are not expected of a freshly graduated student.

An example is top design student with deep and exhaustive knowledge of information technology.

Best resume writing includes languages learned along the college studies. Use key words or buzz words from job postings and advertisements that you are responding to.

Include positive quotes and testimonials that you have received from head teachers, a supervisor and clients where applicable. Further, include memberships and affiliations.

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