Biological Engineering Resume Format

By | June 5, 2010

A well written biological engineering resume serves the purpose of informing the hiring manager or potential employer of what the applicant is qualified to.

It should be well structured with clear contact information, a concise career objective and factual information about one’s professional experience and academic background.

This sample biological engineering resume can be used to design resumes for biological engineer jobs, biomedical engineer jobs etc.

Sample Biological Engineering Resume

Mary Brown

45 Bridge Avenue

New York, NY

Mobile Number: 131041485

Telephone Number: 21418586

Career Objective:

To be a qualified biological engineer with widespread knowledge on biological processes and their importance on a global scale for research and development

Professional Experience:

2000-2002: Research Assistant- Biological Engineering Institute


Conducted research on the safety of food heating appliances and their impact on the nutritional extraction of food

Conducted experiments regarding the frequency of power generation for consistent heating

Assisted in large scale research on various biological processes and food preservation

2003-2005: Biological Engineer- Warner Biology


Developed systems of evaluating chemical content and the presence of micro organisms in food and the risk they pose

2006-2008: Biological Engineer- Health Department


Developed research data on various aspects of microbiology and the impact of bacteria extraction


Trained in food processing and packaging for safe and long term consumption

Trained in temperature control and food preservation

Trained in control modules and environmental processes


1993-1996: Bachelor of Biological Engineering- University of Ohio

1997-1999: Master of Biological Engineering- University of Chicago


Developed a temperature control system that was used for a range of modern refrigeration systems

Developed the reliability sensor system and frequency performance of power generating facilities

Improved safety system of various heating appliances and facilities




Ballet dancing


Available on request

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