Blank Resume Format

By | January 30, 2009

Blank Resume

Blank resume formats serve as guides for your writing needs. These are resume templates for you to fill in. Usually, there are keywords and description guides placed in each section of a resume format.

The guidelines identify which pieces of information should be placed on the blanks. Sometimes, there are tips included in each section.

There are several resume websites that where you can download a variety of resume templates. You will just have to choose which format you want to use.

The most popular resume template is the chronological template. Here, your details of employment and educational history are arranged chronologically, starting from the most recent one. Others, like the functional resume format, highlight skills on the resumes.

Functional resume formats focus on your skills so that you can omit your work background which may not be relevant to the position applied for.

The last type is a hybrid of those two formats. The chronic-functional format allows you to tackle your skills without so much regard for your work background.

The blank resume template will illustrate further on those types of resume formats. Depending on your purpose, however, you have to carefully choose which format to use. The reason is that some employers prefer one above the other.

Blank Resume Format and Example

Your Name

# Street, Town

City, State, Country

Telephone Number with area code

Mobile Number

Email address


In this section, state your application objectives. State it in concise and clear manner so that the employer knows right away what position you are applying for.


Chronologically state each course you took in college. Write your highest educational attainment first. Begin with the title of your course, the name of the school, the place, and the time period when you attended school.

Summarize what you did in each course: your major and minor subjects, your activities, and your grade if it is notable. You can also mention that you graduated with honors.


In this section, write the details of your achievements and awards while in school, such as awards from contests joined. Include the title of the award, the place, and the time. If you received awards while working, list them in this section too. Just take note of the order.


This section is broken down into skills clusters. On top of this section, list your most important skill or the skill that is mostly needed in the job that you are applying for.

Elaborate on each skill by listing your key competencies, achievements, and functions that you know how to perform.


List all the organizations that you belong to. Identify your position, the name of the organization, and time of your membership. You may include notable activities that you organized or performed.


You work experience must be listed in this section. Chronologically state each job you took, the company name, and the time period. You need not mention what you did in each job because they are elaborated in the skills section.


List your birth date, age, nationality, and civil status in this section.


Finally, identify your reputable references and their contact details.

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