Chrono-Functional Resume Format

By | March 24, 2009

Chrono-Functional Resume Format


There is a wide need for the functional resume format, especially when there are countless individuals who have limited job history and a work background that is inappropriate for the job applied for.

However, many employers disdain this resume format. As a result, job seekers have devised a format that works basically like the functional format but with a little deviation.

Adding the work experience in the end becomes a necessary requirement to show that you at least have a work experience. The functional format plus the work experience in a chronological order is called the Chronic-functional resume format.

The Chronic-functional format works ultimately like a functional format. After stating the career objective and educational background, the skills are presented in clusters.

In each skill or performance, short descriptions follow in order to support the claimed skill. After listing all your essential skills, a short account of your work history is presented in a chronological order.

The latest employment details must come first, with the job title, employer, and the time frame.

Other jobs taken may also be listed. However, if you have past jobs that do not seem relevant to your preferred career, you may omit them. After this list, you may proceed writing your personal information and references, if needed.

One strategy in constructing the best chronic-functional resume format is to consider the skills needed in the job that you are applying for. Compare them with your own set of skills, activities joined, and work experiences.

For instance, you are applying for a marketing position where you have to communicate with clients. In this case, background in marketing may be necessary, but good communication skills are also preferred.

In order to stress that you are fit for the job, list details of your skills and job history that are relevant to communication skill. A call center agent job may emphasize that skill even if it is not a corporate job.

The chronic-functional format can also be a good marketing tool. Aside from establishing that you have an experience even if it is not that relevant, you are able to show your diverse skills, which are otherwise not evident in the standard resume format.

Of course, no resume format is good when it is not written clearly and concisely. The best resume is still being able to showcase yourself in a well-versed manner, no matter what the format is.


Tamil Nadu, India

(012) 345 6789


To apply for a position in marketing where my skills can be developed and used effectively


2003 – 2006   M.A. Business Economics

Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India Major: Management, Minors: Marketing and Japanese

MVP in Inter-college Basketball Game, 2008



Achieved good grades in Marketing subjects

2nd place winner in a class competition on Advertising


Excellent communication skills

Fluent in Indian and English

Have good writing skills


Knowledgeable in MS Applications

Proficient in MS Office

Skillful in Adobe Photoshop

Other Skills

Proficient in Japanese

Good in basketball


Secretary for the VP of Sales and Marketing

Nokia – Chennai

2007 – present

Call Center Agent

Nokia – Chennai

2006 – 2007


Date of Birth:  26 December 1986

Civil Status:  Single

Citizenship:  Indian


Available upon request

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