Chronological Resume Writing

By | March 23, 2009

Most people do not understand the importance of choosing the right resume writing format. Before you start writing a resume, take a hard look at your education, skills and experience and then decide on the best type of resume for you.

There are two types of resumes. There is chronological resume and functional resume writing formats.

A chronological format lists work background in reverse chronological order. The most recent job starts in that section which might as well be the current job. The last one to be listed is the first job you held.

It puts emphasizes on start dates, end dates, duration, location and the companies you worked for in the past. This means that this type of resume format puts less emphasizes on the first job you held but concentrates more on the recent job.

Chronological resume writing format is mostly recommended for individuals with a job experience which is relevant to the targeted job. It is also fit for job seekers who do not have prominent employment gap.

If there is a certain duration you did not have a job, functional resume writing is best for you. This is because it focuses on skills and makes employment gaps less apparent.

Chronologically written resume presents you as a professional, and summarizes your achievements in a simple way. If you want more details about chronological resume writing, information is available in most online resume writing services. There are various samples and templates to help you build the best resume. One that suits you!

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