Clerical Resume Format

By | September 15, 2010

Clerks are integral part of any organization. They are assigned with the task of recording and tracking day to day financial transactions of the office. Along with maintaining the office monetary transactions they are also responsible for other clerical work such as filing the receipts, invoices, tracking vendor transactions, maintain customer information, track the office supplies etc. Assisting staff in various documentation is also part of the office clerk. This Clerical Resume format is helpful for candidates seeking job as Clerks, Associate Clerks, Junior Clerks, Book keepers etc

Clerical Resume Format

Mark Francis

11 Road 42,
Kirksville, MA 07183

Seeking job as a clerk in any of the large or medium sized organizations that can utilize my extensive clerical experience.

Summary of Qualifications:

• Good accounting knowledge.

• Experienced in book keeping and office daily transactions.

• Hands on experience in popular office management applications.

• Have undergone training in popular accounting applications.
2000 -2002
University of North Dakota, Masters Degree in Office Administration

University of South Dakota, Bachelors Degree in Office Administration
Career Experience/Job History:
Big Beak Retail Store


• Record and track day to day monetary transactions.

• Document various purchases by the office.

• Help chief accountant in maintain financial transaction files.

HighTech Computer Sales and Repairs

• Keep track of customer and vendor accounts.

• Maintain accounts, customer payment records, office supplies etc

• Utilize accounting software for maintaining the financial data.


• Received wide appreciation for efficient documentation.

References upon request