Coast Guard Resume Format

By | June 5, 2010

After acquiring a range of skills and garnering ample experience, it is important to be able to highlight this in a coast guard resume. A resume is a selling or marketing tool.

This sample coast guard resume can be used to create effective resumes for coast guard job titles in various capacities.

Sample Coast Guard Resume

Rick James

345 Port Lane

Orlando, Florida

Mobile Number: 893874937

Telephone Number: 8908009

Career Objective:

To advance my career and progress with my experience garnered at the Coast Guard and continue to serve my country diligently

Professional Experience:

2000-2002: US Coast Guard- Law Enforcement


Managed the boat crew

Administered worker audit reports

Ensured port safety was upheld at all times

Conducted routine patrols

Managed all training schedules

Regulated fishing activities

2003-2005: US Coast Guard- Crash Crew


Maintained operational equipment

Carried out emergency trials

2006-2008: US Coast Guard- Boarding Officer


Served as a member of the boarding team

Training :

Trained in boarding procedures and management

Trained in Cast Guard law

Trained in maritime operations and crew management

Qualifications :

1993-1996: Bachelor of Law-Harvard Law School

1997-1999: Master of Public Administration: University of Virginia

Achievements :

Actively contributed to the seizure of illegal substances while conducting port patrols

Ensured that all stipulated laws were complied with and received praise and recognition for consistency in the execution of my duties

Awarded for inspiring the rest of the crew members and providing a high level of motivation that contributed to quality standards being met

Hobbies :


Playing basketball

Deep sea diving

Reference :

Available on request

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