Corporate Training Resume Format

By | July 1, 2010

This resume gives information on the applicants’ background in corporate training. It outlines ones experience, the duties he/she performed. It also lists the companies the one previously worked for. The applicant’s achievements are also listed. Other vacancies that can be applied using this resume are, lecturer jobs, training manager jobs and tutor jobs.

Sample Corporate Training Resume

Brent Roland

428 Cullman Rd


AL 35071-2811

(205) 631-8272


To see increase in expertise and performance levels for personnel I have trained.

Work Experience

2001 – Present:  Peak Ability. – Chief Training Officer


  • I handled the administration and training procedures for personnel from various companies.
  • I marketed the training program to various organizations.
  • I participated in conducting research to establish what knowledge was lacking in the market.
  • I helped to draft training manuals for the trainers.
  • I oversaw the implementation of various training schedules.
  • I did costing schedules for various courses offered at the training center.

1999-2001: Brimstone College: Lecturer


  • Lectured on accounts on economics.
  • Arranged for student field trips to various companies.
  • Got speakers to address students as guest lecturers.
  • Participated in drafting the financial management course curriculum.
  • Supervise the students at their various internship spots.
  • I gave students career advice on various issues.
  • I headed the commerce department at the college.

Educational Qualifications

1995-1999: The University of Arizona: Bachelor of Commerce


I managed to train professionals who have risen to hold key positions in their organizations.


Watching movies

Listening music



Can be provided upon request.

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