Creative Resume Writing

By | March 23, 2009

In the current job market, a recruiter can receive over 500 resumes for each vacant position. This is a huge load of replicated information.

Therefore, to grab the recruiter’s attention, a resume has to stand out from the ‘crowd’. One way of getting a creatively written resume is utilizing the services of a professional resume writer.

However, you can also write a good resume on your own. To come up with a resume that stands out, include a specific and catching objective. The objective should be clear and concise.

It should state the goal of your seeking employment in that particular organization and for that particular position. Align the objective to the advertisement’s requirements. The objective is more effective when placed at the beginning of the document.

Another attention grabbing tactic is to highlight achievements. Everyone has achievements, be it socially or professionally.

However, many people do not realize that what they have done is an achievement and can be used for their benefit in looking for an employment position. This should also be placed towards the beginning of the resume.

A picture of oneself at the front page has also succeeded in catching the attention of recruiters. It can either be a full photograph or a passport photograph at a corner of the page.

A colour photo is most catching. The format of the resume is another aspect that can be manipulated to make the resume stand out. This includes placement of ideas and information on paper as well as the kind of paper the resume has been printed on.

The colour of the paper should always be white. Other colours of paper are inappropriate and they seem manipulative to the reader. Hence, use different white ‘shades’ to stand out.

Finally, presentation of the resume can create uniqueness to the resume. The document can be placed in a slim folder or a plastic file that is not too fancy.

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