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By | January 18, 2011

The work of a creative worker is to come up with new and fresh ideas for various products, services and goods.  The work of a creative worker is to inform or persuade in an interesting and memorable manner that will enable the audience, readers or listeners to remember the product, good or service.

creative resume can be used to apply for jobs in various organizations.  A creative can work in an advertising agency, marketing department, public relations company or in the sales department of a company.  Their work is to come up with ideas that will boost sales and grow the brand name of the product, good or service.  Their work is determined by the goals set by the account executives.  The account executives come up with briefs or guides which the creative works with to shape their ideas and thoughts.

The creative resume should highlight the person’s previous work which has boosted sales or promoted goods and services of different companies.  It is important for a creative to prove that they can work with various products, goods and services.  They need to prove in their creative resume that they can handle the high demands and challenges of the job.

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