CV Tips

By | July 17, 2010

A CV is an important document that is meant to introduce you to employers in the job market and to make employers develop an interest in you and call you for an interview. It is therefore, necessary to get CV tips that will help you prepare a good CV and get the job you are applying for. A good CV should be very specific and targeted to the requirements of the job you are applying for. Ensure you match your qualifications with the requirements of that particular job. It should be convincing enough to your employer that you are the right candidate for the job. Therefore, the CV should be written from the perspective of the prospective employer.

This should help the reader single you out from other numerous applications. Other CV tips include ensuring that information provided is accurate and correct. Correct all grammatical and spelling errors. Careless mistakes in the CV give the connotation that one is very careless and not attentive to detail. The headlines in the various subsections of the library should be indented and highlighted so as to catch the attention of the reader easily. When it comes to job experience and educational qualifications, start with the most current qualification.

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