Data Entry Resume Format

By | August 12, 2009

In making your resume for data entry operator, you must put out information that clearly shows your talent and skills.

Moreover, adding details like working experiences and seminars attended can make your resume interesting for employers and clients. The resume portrays your abilities and skills in doing the job.

Data Entry Resume sample

Scott Y. Wilson

1234 Maple St.

Carlisle MA 23543

Home # (613) 324 4234


Seeking for a position that can utilize my abilities in Data Entry and Computer operations


  • B.S. Information Technology – Maple State University, MA 1995
  • B.S Business Administration – MA Colleges Kingstown, MA  1994

Trainings Attended

  • Data Entry Training Institute MA 1996
  • Computer Enhancement Training MA 1997
  • Typing Skills Training – MA Colleges 1998


  • Flexible on any given time of work and self-motivated
  • Well experienced in data entry
  • Good communication skills
  • Excellent typing skills


Yañez Shipping CO. Kingsville MA

Computer Operator/ Data Entry 2004 – Present

  • Receive and audit documents and information to be entered
  • Transcribe, enter, and verify data from a source material including personnel, financial  and other records or reports
  • Determine causes of error message while entering data and make the necessary corrections

Starlight Enterprises – Maple Boulevard MA

Personal Assistant / Stenographer 2001- 2004

Arias Development and Supplies CO. Newton Highway MA

Customer Service Representative 1998 – 2001

  • Preparing sales invoice and orders
  • Handling sales calls and follow-ups to pursue new accounts
  • Maintaining and fixing computer software


  • Can bend on different time schedules
  • Can perform tasks and submit documents on time
  • Hardworking
  • Learn fast from past mistakes
  • Good personality

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